Mia’s Sprouts Early Child Development Center is a preschool and daycare that has two locations located in downtown Redmond, OR on NW Greenwood Ave, and Bend, OR on Scenic Drive. Mia’s Sprouts was founded in 2016 by Martha Isela. It is a result of a lifetime of experiences and education that made her realize that her lifelong passion was teaching. Our team is committed to providing more than just supervision of your precious children. We want to help foster a passion and a love of learning. We ensure this by grounding everything we do in exploration and imagination. Give us a call and see why we are the highest-rated child development center in the Central Oregon Area.

We’re About The Little People…


In addition to our teachers being trained in childhood development, all of our teachers have dual certifications in infant & child first aid and CPR.


We incorporate learning about the cultures of different countries through, art, games, and food.


Parents are 100% welcome at anytime, and we strongly encourage them to volunteer any day to experience their Childs day.


We make sure to celebrate students’ birthdays and other national holidays by having themed parties, dances, and special cuisine.

Meet Our Teachers in Redmond

Martha Isela
Martha IselaExecutive Director and Teacher
Although she is the Executive Director, Ms. Martha also steps in as a Teacher, whenever needed. Mia’s Sprouts started as a passion project and is now a reality that she shares with her daughter, Natalia.
Ms. Jami
Ms. JamiHead Preschool Teacher
Ms. Jami has worked with toddlers and preschoolers on and off for several years. Her past experience includes a home daycare/preschool and two Montessori schools. Outside of teaching she loves reading, spending time with her family, and being outside in nature.
Ms. Jesica
Ms. JesicaToddler Teacher Aide
Ms. Jesica is the newest member of our Redmond staff. She loves spending time with our silly toddlers.
Ms. Sabrina
Ms. Sabrina Teacher & Curriculum Coordinator
Ms. Sabrina has six years experience in teaching. She is passionate about learning and teaching young minds to love learning and teaching. Her second language is American Sign Language and in her spare time she loves to paint, travel, surf and ice skate.
Ms. Adriana
Ms. AdrianaSub-Director/Teacher
Not only does Ms. Adriana cook, but she also spends her time in the kitchen making delicious and healthy food for the students.
Ms. Silvia
Ms. SilviaHead Toddler Teacher
Ms. Silvia has many years of teaching experience in various schools. She is also bi-lingual and helps with Spanish Immersion.
Ms. Lisa
Ms. LisaCurriculum Director/Teacher
Ms. Lisa has over 15 years of experience in working with children. We are delighted that she is working with us, she is an awesome lady!

Meet Our Teachers in Bend

Ms. Natalia
Ms. NataliaDirector/Head Teacher
Ms. Natalia brings a passion for the outdoors and a goal to help expand the minds of the young children at Mia’s Sprouts. When she is not teaching, you will find her working out or enjoying all of the beauty that Bend has to offer.
Ms. Marion
Ms. MarionPreschool Teacher
Mr. GPreschool Teacher
Ms. ChannasToddler Teacher
Ms. Syndra
Ms. SyndraAdministration/Chef/Teacher
Ms. Syndra is our Administrator, Chef, and Floating Teacher. She has been working with children since she was a child, herself. Ms. Syndra brings a passion for the arts in every facet, and enjoys tap dancing in her free time.
Ms. Maura
Ms. MauraHead Infant Teacher
Ms. Maura is a Bi-lingual teacher that helps our littles with Spanish immersion. She has a passion for teaching infants, which truly shows in the love that they show her, daily.
Ms. PaulaToddler Teacher Aide



It is never too early to begin teaching students about their physical health and well being. We take our students outside every day, as well as guide them through stretching and yoga on a weekly basis. We also incorporate teaching them about their physical health by explaining what vitamins and minerals are in the foods we eat and talk about why it is important. For example, Applesauce has Vitamin C, and we need to go outside so we can get Vitamin D from the sun!

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Music is something that all humans enjoy. We like to take it a step further by incorporating singing and dancing into our daily schedule. It is important to use the piano and other instruments while we use our entire bodies to dance along with the A-B-Cs and other educational songs.

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Albert Einstein once said, “Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.” We help encourage every student’s imagination through art and creativity. We have them color, paint, cut, and create everything from mosaics to houses. All the while, we help them imagine traveling to far away countries and exploring the different cultures.

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Parent and Child Summer BBQ

Stay tuned for more information on our annual Parent and Child BBQ, and meet the families that have trusted us with raising the next generation of dreamers, doers, and leaders.

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